updated 1/5/05
Mick Coonan has relieved Smashie and Mezza of thier positions within the HMDL
Therefore the Micketts have withdrawn from the League with immediate effect.

Please be aware that the decision to remove Smashie and Mezza was made without any League meeting and also without the opportunity for Smashie and Mezza to argue any case.

Mick Coonan has stated the resafor our removal being that fixtures were not sent out - all teams were advised where they were playing last week and with the exception of the Bells 2 teams, all teams have had their fixtures.

It is with regret that Smashie, I and the Micketts say farewell to you all, as the future looked better for the HMDL this season< However Mr Coonan has decided to act outside of the rules ( not holding a full meeting) and effectively sacked us)

Good luck to all of you that choose to remain within the HMDL, our advice would be to join us and walk out in disgust< but that decision is yours- Mezza

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